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    EuSpRIG Committees      

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EuSpRIG 2016 Management Committee

Patrick O'Beirne, (Chair), Systems Modelling Ltd, Ireland
Angela Collins, (Secretary) Community Health Partnerships
Grenville Croll, (Previous Chair)
David Colver, (Treasurer) Operis PLC, UK
Simon Thorne, University of Wales Institute Cardiff School of Management, Department of Information Systems, UK (+44 2920 416398)
Jocelyn Ireson-Paine, Spreadsheet Factory, UK
Tie Cheng, Softeam, France
Morten Siersted, F1F9
Felienne Hermans, Delft University of Technology

The EuSpRIG management committee is the main executive body. It meets monthly by teleconference to manage and plan EuSpRIG’s affairs. The Officers comprising Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and the remaining committee members are nominated at a biennial AGM which occurs after the main conference to which all EuSpRIG delegates are invited. The present committee were nominated at the AGM in Paris on 3rd July 2009.

Committee member emails:

grenville at
dcolver at
pob at
Popx at
sthorne at
Chengtie at
a.collins at
felienne at
msiersted at

EuSpRIG 2016 Conference Organising Sub-Committee

Grenville Croll
Patrick O’Beirne
David Colver
Simon Thorne

The Organising Sub committee plans and executes each EuSpRIG conference. They are responsible for organizing the venue, accommodation, catering, agenda, dinner, prizegiving and sponsorship. The chair of the organizing committee reports back to the management committee on a monthly basis.

EuSpRIG 2016 Conference Programme Sub-Committee

Grenville Croll
Jocelyn Ireson-Paine
Simon Thorne (Chair)
David Colver

The Programme Sub Committee manages the peer review process for papers submitted to EuSpRIG. They liaise with likely, aspiring and regular authors, providing advice and guidance on the submission of papers and abstracts. The Programme chair despatches papers for peer review and manages the collation of reviews and feedback to authors. The committee provides advice and guidance on the acceptance and rejection of papers. The chair of the programme sub committee reports back to the management committee on a monthly basis.


Grenville J Croll

Grenville J. Croll is a specialist in spreadsheets, spreadsheet applications and spreadsheet risk research. He has extensive experience in business management and has consulted in the areas of risk management, monte carlo simulation, project management, financial modelling, financial forecasting and food process optimisation. He is the previous chairman of EuSpRIG, the spreadsheet risks research organisation. His recent work in Software Engineering, Theoretical Physics and Cryptography is published on, Cornell University’s moderated scientific repository.

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Grenville Croll

Patrick R O’Beirne – EuSpRIG Chairman

Patrick has 40 years of professional experience, 25 of them in his own company Systems Modelling Ltd. in Ireland. His current focus is on spreadsheet quality assessment and training. He is the author of 'Spreadsheet Check and Control', ISBN 190540400X, and software tools.

He is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society; was the chair 2004-2007 of the European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group (EuSpRIG), and the chair of the Software Testing Interest Group in Ireland (SoftTest).

He has extensive experience in general IT consultancy, systems selection, and software maintenance for businesses.

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Patrick R O’Beirne

David Colver - EuSpRIG Treasurer

David Colver is Joint Chief Executive of Operis, a London-based firm engaged in various activities involving financial modelling.

Previously he worked for Strategic Planning Associates, a Washington-based strategic management consultancy that is now part of Oliver Wyman, and before that spent eight years in the corporate finance department of N M Rothschild, specialising initially in the analysis of major projects in the natural resources sector, turning later to the privatisations on which that bank was a prominent adviser.

David holds a degree in Computer Science from Christ’s College, Cambridge. He has also completed the Corporate Finance Programme of the London Business School, and the Owner-President Management Programme of the Harvard Business School.

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Angela Collins - EuSpRIG Secretary

Angela is a Spreadsheet Modelling Consultant. She has a wide range of financial modelling experience gained both in practice and industry. She has particular expertise in building and reviewing complex valuation and PFI/Infrastructure models. Angela works closely with large teams of non-modellers and is especially interested in improving the modelling skills of non-technicians.

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Angela Collins

Morten Siersted

Morten Siersted is the Chief Executive of F1F9 and co-creator of the spreadsheet engineering system known as the FAST Standard. He has unrivalled experience in developing robust and efficient spreadsheet modelling processes, modelling teams and capacity for both F1F9 and its clients.

Morten started his career as a project finance modeller with a number of private sector companies and banks. In 1999 he co-founded F1F9 to deliver financial modelling training to the project finance market. In 2005 Morten established F1F9’s own modelling team in New Delhi, which now comprises over 30 modellers and is among the world’s largest spreadsheet development groups.

Morten Siersted
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Simon Thorne - EuSpRIG 2010 Programme Chair

Dr Simon Thorne is a Lecturer in information systems and computing at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff. Simon completed his PhD in 2008 on the subject of alternative modelling techniques for the reduction of error in decision support spreadsheets. He has presented papers at EuSpRIG, Sprig and the spreadsheet track of the Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science. Simon continues to research and supervise students in the emerging discipline of spreadsheet research.

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Simon Thorne
A youthful Simon Thorne accepting the 2004 David Chadwick prize from Ray Butler in 2004 at Magdelsberg, Austria. Professor Roland Mittermeir looks on from the left.


Tie Cheng

Tie Cheng holds a first class Master 1’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Paris 6, and a Master’s Degree in Science and Executive Engineering from Mines Paristech, where his major was Management of Information Systems.

After graduation, he joined Total in Belgium as SAP process expert where he supervised the evolution and implementation of SAP in sales offices, plants and subsidiaries. He then moved to the UK and joined UBS Investment Bank as a quantitative analyst. His job involved various applications developed in different languages, including spreadsheets. As a result he has a particular sensibility about how different technologies are chosen and applied in the industry. He moved back to France in September 2009, and now pursues a PhD in Computer Science in École Normale Supérieure Paris and École Polytechnique. Tie Cheng’s current research interests cover abstract interpretation based formal methods, program verification, static analysis of software, functional programming and spreadsheets.

Tie Cheng joined the EuSpRIG Committee in September 2009. His ambitions are to bring more diversity to the group, to promote spreadsheet risk awareness and to contribute to development of related industrial & academic research.

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Tie Cheng

Felienne Hermans

Felienne is assistant professor at the Delft University of Technology. Her dissertation explored the idea to treat spreadsheets as source code and apply methods from software engineering, like refactoring and testing, to them. In 2010 Felienne founded Infotron, a startup that uses the algorithms developed during her PhD project to analyze spreadsheet quality for large companies. In her spare time, Felienne volunteers as a judge for the First Lego League, a world wide technology competition for kids.

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Felienne Hermans
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