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    EuSpRIG Delegates      

Approximately 750 delegates have attended EuSpRIG conferences, with many delegates having attended all of them. EuSpRIG delegates come from all our represented constituencies:

Corporates: Shell, Lloyds TSB, Netherlands Bank, Superdrug, Microsoft, BTL, Texas Instruments; BAE Systems, AIB Capital Markets, HBOS, RBS, Bank of Ireland, Setanta, Merrill Lynch, Spectrum Fund Management, CSFB, Proctor & Gamble, Dell, Novell, ABB, Oracle.

Regulators: Financial Services Authority, Ofgen, Financial Reporting Council

Accountants: PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, Baker Tilly, BDO LLP, Jefferson Wells, PKF

Government: ECGD, HMRC, DfT, CSA, Highways Agency

Academics: Universities of: Hawaii; Amsterdam; Addis Ababa; Singapore; Sydney; Calgary; Cardiff; Maribor; Maryland, Baltimore; Texas; Liege; Ottowa; Massachusetts; Stanford; Cranfield; Limerick; Central Queensland; Canterbury NZ; Westminster. Dartmouth College, USFCA, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology, ENS Cachan,, UMIST

Consultants: Angus Dunn, Bloor Research, Codematic, Equation, Excel for Managers, F1F9, Louise Pryor, Operis, Spreadsheet Engineering, Twodegrees

Trainers: Small Spark

Vendors: Actuate, Clusterseven, Compassoft, Corality, Decisioneering, EASA, ECDL, Extensio, Fairway Associates, Financial Modelling Associates, Finsbury Solutions, Inrise Financials, Lyquidity, Mobius, Oculus, Prodiance, Qtier-Rapor, Q-Validus, Resolver Systems, Risk Integrated, Spreadsheet Auditing, Systems Modelling, Xenomorph

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