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    Dilbert Cartoons      
Scott Adams, author of the Dilbert Cartoons, appears to be a little sceptical with regard to the use of spreadsheets in business. He might even have visited the EuSpRIG website once or twice. If you check the dates of his cartoons, you can see that some of his spreadsheet humour predates all of EuSpRIG.
Double Revenue by Increasing Absenteeism  
Numbers Don’t Lie - 2007-08-08 Spreadsheet Errors and Consequences
Check my Spreadsheet - 2004-12-26 Manage by Spreadsheet - 2007-08-07
It’s a Funny Thing about Budgets - 1999-04-09 MBAs and Spreadsheets - 2009-05-21
Spreadsheets Don’t Lie, But Neither does Bat Excrement - 2009-05-22 Go Track Yourself - 2007-03-20
Typo in the Budget Spreadsheet - 1993-02-17 The Salary Spreadsheet I - 2004-08-11
NPV of Ant Milk - 1995-08-13 Just Tell Me What Lie to Use - 1997-11-23
Boss with a Spreadsheet - 1998-12-12 The Salary Spreadsheet II - 2004-08-12
C23 in a Bad Mood - 2007-08-09 Relative Qualities - 1995-03-30
Can I do That In Excel - 1997-09-10 Two Tenths of a Person - 1993-12-30
Financial Modeling on my own - 1998-12-11 Multi-Media Spreadsheet - 1992-09-07

“Spreadsheet Addiction”
A trader ages before your eyes as he rues the day that the audit team caught up with his addiction to spreadsheets. Cluster Seven advert.

“Spreadsheet Diva”, Microsoft Advert

“Real Men of Genius - Mr. Spreadsheet Guy”
A tribute to a fellow who just can't get enough data!

“The Spreadsheet”
A six-month anniversary dinner turns ugly when a businessman breaks the news to his girlfriend that she's just not profitable.

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