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Welcome to EuSpRIG, the World’s premier site for information, action, conferences and dialogue on Spreadsheet Risk Management.

2 July 2014
Workshop on Software Engineering methods in Spreadsheets (SEmS ’14)
TU Deflt, The Netherlands

Papers will include:
  • Tool-supported fault localization in spreadsheets;
  • Toward Interactive Spreadsheet Debugging ;
  • Improving Methods in Spreadsheet Error Research;
  • On the Usage of Dependency-based Models for Spreadsheet Debugging;
  • Automatically assessing the relevance, quality, and usability of spreadsheets;
  • Are We Overconfident in Our Understanding of Overconfidence?
  • and more...
3 July 2014
EuSpRIG 2014 Conference
TU Deflt, The Netherlands

This year, we will have a one day, two track conference on Thursday July 3rd. In addition to the plenary keynote sessions, there is one track is focused on mitigating risks in spreadsheets and the other on building better spreadsheets. There is also a short demo session on the Thursday where everyone who wants to can present a little demo of their software.

EuSpRIG offers Students, Professors, Directors, Managers and Professionals in all disciplines the World’s only independent, authoritative and comprehensive web based information on the current state of the art in Spreadsheet Risk Management.

EuSpRIG is the largest source of information on practical methods for introducing into organisations processes and methods to inventory, test, correct, document, backup, archive, compare and control the legions of spreadsheets that support critical corporate infrastructure.

EuSpRIG is a voluntary and non-profit organisation. Whatever your interest in Spreadsheet Risk Management, we would be pleased to hear from you and welcome any and every contribution.

Enhance our list of horror stories about real world problems with Spreadsheets. Join our discussion group to broadcast your contribution about all aspects of Spreadsheet Risk Management. Share our guidance on  Best Practice. Review our library of over 150 research papers stretching back 12 years from the World’s pre-eminent authorities on Spreadsheet Risk Management. Why not write your own paper and submit it to EuSpRIG so that you can present it at the next EuSpRIG conference?

Enjoy EuSpRIG.

Patrick O'Beirne
EuSpRIG Chair

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