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    EuSpRIG FSA Presentations      

EuSpRIG has benefited from substantive and authoritative input from a senior member of the Financial Services Authority in previous years. In 2009 a keynote presentation was given by Deniz Sumengen of the Financial Reporting Council. We reproduce here the presentations given. We seek further active involvement from regulatory authorities and central banks.

To view the following presentations you need PowerPoint Viewer. If you don't have PowerPoint Viewer you can download it here...

FSA - 2011 - Living with Spreadsheets
FRC - 2009 - Technical Standards for Modelling
FSA - 2007 - Regulatory Update
FSA - 2005 - Regulatory Update
FSA - 2004 - Why Banks use Spreadsheets
FSA - 2003 - User Computing in Financial Regulation

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